SD- waste


1. Plastic Road Project: The Company promotes and supports the creation of value and circular economy for plastic waste by removing plastic waste that has been separated and turn to a component of the road construction in Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate. In 2020, pouring the road from plastic waste 1 additional point at the exit road in front of the Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate with total distance of 1,500 meters, width 9.6 meters, using plastic waste from Srithai Superware Public Company Limited in the amount of 16,885 kilograms, which helps reduce the cost of disposal valued at 50,655 baht.


2. KoomKah Smart Manifest Development Programme: In 2020, the company focuses on the development of technology and innovation to support efficient waste management. We cooperate with Chemicals Business, SCG, has developed a program for an intelligent waste transportation management system (KoomKah Smart Manifest) to help increase the capacity of waste collection management within the industrial estates. Customers can follow the route of waste transportation from the beginning, sorting to real-time removal. and confidence in waste disposal to aim for smart city environment (Smart Environment) in the future. This year, We have jointly conducted a feasibility study on the development of a program for smart waste transportation management (KoomKah Smart Manifest) and expected that it can be officially used in the company's waste management within 2021.

3. Old Paper Project Exchange for new paper (Paper X): The company is committed to promote and support the creation of value and the circular economy of paper by joining with SCG Packaging Public Company Limited to create the Project “Old paper Exchange for new paper( Paper X )” The Value of your waste” with the aim to recycle the company's used paper, to reduce waste , reduce environmental impact and create a circular economy for the organization sustainably

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