Safety and Security Management  
Responsible for security management as well as traffic management and emergency management in order for all clients and l stakeholders in the Amata City Industrial Estate to operate their businesses safely and conveniently. Our safety and security management services are operated by specialists who undertake supervision and CCTV system monitoring of vulnerable areas,  24 hours a day and in compliance with  the standards of ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001.
Our Service

“Providing safety and emergency management services
with professional standards” (Mission)

Safety Training and Development Center (STDC)
1. Basic Fire Fighting Training      
2. Fire Evacuation Training          
3. Advanced Fire Fighting
4. Chemical Spill control Training  

5. First Aid training
6. Other customized training courses as required.

Consultation services
We provide consultation services in the area of safety and security management such as prevention and emergency response system, Emergency Response Team, including CCTV Surveillance Solutions etc.

Emergency Management
Amata has a Prevention and Emergency Response Team (PERT) which is staffed by personnel trained to a high standard and equipped with fire trucks and safety equipment for emergency prevention and  response such as fire, chemical and gas spillage in the Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong industrial estates. The PERT team is on standby 24 hours a day.
Security and Traffic Management
Responsible for security and traffic management in Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong through the use of  an integrated operations system with expert personnel  technology-based management services to ensure an environment of safety for the more than 1000 enterprises operating in an  area more than 70 square kilometers, as well as communities located near the industrial estates.
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