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AMATA Best Waste Management Awards Program Opens for Applications Today! - The "AMATA Best Waste Management Awards" program, an annual initiative since 2014 , is officially opening its doors for applications starting today. This prestigious program aims to promote and support the enhancement of industrial waste management practices within the AMATA industrial estate.

The primary objective of the program is to encourage factories to improve the efficiency of managing non-hazardous industrial waste, organic waste, and pollutants within their premises. By incorporating the principles of the 3Rs (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle), the program strives to elevate waste management standards, ultimately leading to a reduction in negative environmental impacts.

Participating companies are encouraged to implement effective waste management strategies right from the source within their factories, ensuring that waste is efficiently managed before being sent for further processing or recycling. The program targets to increase the proportion of waste that can be converted into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and recyclable materials.

Amata Facility Services recognizes the importance of corporate responsibility in mitigating adverse societal and environmental impacts. We are committed to promoting awareness and understanding among industrial estates in the AMATA Chonburi and AMATA Rayong, regarding compliant waste management practices, specifically focusing on industrial and organic waste management. 

For further inquiries and detailed information about the program, please contact:

Apply Now : 30 June 2024
Line Official ID: @afswaste
Download Program Details: 

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