The Annual Emergency Response Rehearsal at Amata City Rayong : the situation of Chemical spillage, Gas leakage and Fire


Amata City Rayong Industrial Estate Office, Amata Facility Services Co., Ltd., and Mabyangphon Subdistrict Administrative Organization successfully conducted Annual emergency response rehearsal 2023(Chemical spillage, gas leakage, and fire) which led by Mr. Aukkares Choochouy, Managing Director of Amata Facility Services, Mr.Sermpong Sukko ,Director of Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate Office ,Mabyangphon Subdistrict Administrative Organization to join in Emergency Response Simulation at Boly Pipe Co., Ltd. The stimulation aimed to enhance preparedness for potential emergencies. Through this simulation exercise, participants practiced emergency response protocols, strengthened communication channels, and familiarized themselves with the effective use of specialized equipment. In addition, organizations demonstrated a shared responsibility to protect the environment and ensure the safety of employees, residents, and neighboring businesses.

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